Argentina's citriculture is experiencing a boom

The entry of Tucuman's limes to the US market helped make visible an item that is unknown by many but that represents an important source of income to the country.

17/10/2017 | Ingles

U.S: Florida loses half of its orange crop

Hurricane Irma has devastated orange growers in Florida, with estimates suggesting half the current crop has been lost.

09/10/2017 | Ingles

Argentina unable to export lemons to US until 2018

Although Argentina has now opened exports of lemons to the United States, until next year it cannot place a single kilo of the fruit.

02/10/2017 | Ingles

U.S.: New citrus planting method improves yields while stopping pests

A planting design that outwitted a weevil in Texas citrus groves has yielded numerous other benefits for growers and brought better quality oranges and grapefruits to consumers, experts say.

28/09/2017 | Ingles

Hurricane Irma could cost Florida 10% of its orange crop

Florida officials said Tuesday that getting a full picture of the devastation caused by Irma could take weeks.

19/09/2017 | Ingles

Spain: Start of Vasol mandarin campaign

The harvest of the first Vasol mandarins of the season has already started, even though the weather conditions have not been ideal.

11/09/2017 | Ingles

Florida citrus crop expected to grow for first time in five seasons

Citrus consultant Elizabeth Steger has some good news for a Florida citrus industry desperately seeking it.

04/09/2017 | Ingles