14/03/2018 | Ingles

Spain: Argentinian mandarins to compete against Castellon's citrus

Argentinian mandarins are already being shipped to Europe to compete against Spanish citrus. According to Argentinian media, the first 1,000 tonne shipment of early mandarins of the Okitsu variety has departed this week bound to the Old Continent.

Jorge García, president of Castellon's provincial citrus association (Asociex), pointed out that although it will still take "a couple of weeks" to reach the European port of destination, there will be some overlap with Spanish citrus on the supermarket shelves, especially in northern Europe.

García said that "this is a problem for us, for Castellon-based traders and cooperatives." And this despite the fact that the fruit that will arrive from Argentina (and which also comes from other countries) "is of lower quality," he says. Those Okitsu mandarins are not comparable with the late ones in the area, and much of the production is of protected varieties, such as the Nadorcott or the Orri, although there is still Hernandina in the chambers.

Moreover, this could also have an impact on oranges, whose campaign is still in full swing. Therefore, despite the difference in quality, the president of Asociex laments that "it is competition, and it hurts."

Given this, and the competition they were already facing from South Africa, García has called for more action from the European Union to control the arrival of fruit. "We would like the EU to be more restrictive, especially when it comes to quality, pests and phytosanitary treatments accepted."

Source: elperiodicomediterraneo.com