26/03/2018 | Ingles

Argentina is expected to ship 5,000 tons of lemons in its first shipment to the US

According to industry sources, Argentina will start to make its first lemon exports to the United States in mid-April.

The source also estimated that Argentina would ship about 5000 tons of lemons to the US in this first shipment. The sector expects to sell 20,000 tons of lemons to the US throughout the year.

So far there are only four packing plants enabled for that market: Latin Lemon, Citromax, Argenti Lemon, and Ledesma. The arrival of a new audit of the United States is expected to approve more plants.

In August 2017, after 16 years, Argentina got the US to open its market for lemon. 

The first sales were actually expected for last year. However, since the approval was delayed, the country couldn't ship the lemon required by the US due to a sanitary issue.

Argentina's lemon harvest goes from April to September. The Argentine lemons are at least 6 centimeters in diameter. 90% of the collection is concentrated during that period.

Source: freshplaza.com