29/09/2014 | Ingles

The promising future of Uruguayan citrus in the U.S. market

The U.S. market has received 15% of the company's exports so far this year, while another 50% was exported to the EU, almost 20% to Russia and the rest to different countries.

"The situation in Europe is bizarre. The Russian veto should have led to a drop in prices in the EU and shortages in Russia, allowing us to ship our citrus to the latter at a higher price. However, this has not really been the case," says the economist Martín Mandressi, General Manager of the Industrial Department of Cítricos Caputto. 

While the Valencia orange harvest will still last for a month, the last large shipment of Uruguayan citrus was made this week, which seeks to arrive prior to the traditional rise in tariffs of 15 October in the EU, enforced every year when their citrus season starts. The remainder of Caputto's harvest will be shipped mostly to Brazil and Russia.

South Africa, one of Uruguay's main competitors, has a very strong presence in Europe. Favoured by a FTA, it manages to introduce its products to the European market with prices ​​between 15% and 20% lower. But the frequent sanitary problems, such as the current outbreak of Black Spot, forced them to stop exporting their oranges. 

"The halt in South African orange imports came when the season was already at a very advanced stage, thus making it near impossible to react," explains Martín. 

source: Freshplaza.com